Thursday, June 30, 2016

Checklist for Author's Book Marketing

It's stressful enough as it is. You just published a book. Now, what? What do you do next? Are you ready for what's coming? Are you prepared?

As an author, you have book signings to prepare, presentations to promote your book, and of course the famous book launch. There's an easy way to do it. Here's a checklist that Graphics Technology created just for you.

Business Cards
     Always have them handy.You can't be without them. It looks really professional when you're talking about yourself and your book and someone asks you for your card. You give that person one. That makes you seem like an author that knows what you're doing.

     Invitations give your book events a personal touch and a formal feel. Granted, it's formal. But sometimes you need to be formal. Especially if you're having a book launch. You're inviting not just friends but also your fans.

Flyers and Signs
     A quick way to promote the time and place of your events. Don't forget to promote yourself everywhere you can think of. A simple sign on your table goes a long way.

     Events have tables and it's a great way to promote without being pushy. Your table is the main focal point. it's where you're seated. Show people that you're there. Also if you're launching a book, you can have tents on each table that gives information to those seated on your evening or where to get your book.

Book Marks
     Everyone loves a bookmark, pass them out with your book or by themselves. Make sure it has information about your current and following book.

Thank You Cards
     Give a personal thank you by mail. Remember how you feel when you get them and share the love.

Book Inserts or Announcement Cards
    Ask for Amazon reviews or give a quick preview of your next book. Sometimes you have more information to give your readers who buy the book from you. Ask them to give a review, post on social media, guest blog, etc. This is your chance to ask.

     From a distance or in a big crowd make sure people can see where you are. It doesn't matter if you're going to hang it above you, or on your table. Just have all the information on it.

     You mail out your book for reviews. Use your letterhead to look more professional and grab attention.

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