Wednesday, April 6, 2016


When does your story take place? Does it take place in one night? Or maybe a year? Or maybe it took a century?

The calendars in the notebooks are designed for twelve months. This way you start with the day the novel started, and it goes through to the end. At least for a year. This helps you and your reader understand the passage of time. Keeping track of the days of the week and the months is important.

If you know that on Sunday's the town in your novel is a dry day. Why is your underage character trying to buy moonshine?

It's 1765 and your character is talking on a smartphone. Hmmm. Unless this is sci-fi there better be a good reason why he's on a smartphone. Which theoretically as a future man, he would be holding an antique in the past. That was too much for my brain.

Don't forget. There are two months of the year that they're five weeks. They're 52 weeks in a year. February sometimes has 29 days. Never 30 or 31. Summer starts in June and in December. Think about it. North Hemisphere, South Hemisphere.

It's Christmas and your characters are outside swimming in the pool. They must be in South America or Australia. Calendars and time keeping are important.

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