Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Giving your book a Title is the most distressing thing to do. Right after writing a syllabus. There are so many things to consider when giving a title to your book.

Your title needs to convey the theme, plot, story concept, and so forth. Play with titles and tell your friends and family to help you pick the best three. After that you need to choose the final title.

Most will have a professional pick it. Others will stick to their original one. Some have their publishers change it.  Play with five or six, mix them up, one word title, three syllable title, three words, one word, a phrase. There is so many ways that can give some one a headache.

When you write your book give it a working title, and go with that. In the interim of writing and another title comes to mind, write it down, and eventually you'll have many to chose from.

Have fun. It's an adventure on its own.

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