Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Do Your Research

Do your research. To make your novel more believable and accurate, make sure you do your research. Some of your readers will know that you didn't. It shows if you have something happening and it's out of sequence, the results are different than they should be, etc. The list goes on.

When you see a movie and it's about something you're familiar with and they don't do it in sequence, you'll notice. Not only will you notice but you will think about it and of course you're going to tell your friends on how bad the movie was written.

Same thing goes with a book. Your reader is reading a sci-fi novel you wrote, and theirs a lot of fire coming out of a space ship. Most readers might believe you, it is after all fake. However, space has no oxygen, therefore, it would not look like an explosion. The fire would cool off and escape as gas. So I'm told. I still have to do my research on that.

Also, when you use words that you are not familiar with, look it up. The wrong word will give your whole story a new meaning. The murderer held his victim in a choke hold and cut her throat. The venereal spray splashed all over the window. What is venereal? Do you mean Arterial? When you cut a vein, nothing happens, that's why when you get blood drawn, the use vacuum tubes. Cut an arterial and yes, you will bleed to death.

Do your research. As a reader, I deeply appreciate it.

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