Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Where is your story taking place? Bring your writer to the location, time period by showing them what's around the characters. Make sure you don't tell. Give the writer clues.

Clues to a good setting. Temperature, is it cold, hot, warm, freezing or room temperature? Show us by a shiver, a sweaty character, anything that would indicate your surrounding.

Lighting. Is it so shiny that your eyes are shut from the glare? Or is it pitch black and you can only feel the monster's breath on your neck? Let's get creative and show a silhouette of a beautiful lady holding a fan of feathers in the setting sun. Sound familiar?

Language also plays an important factor. A different city, state, country, planet, galaxy are easy to show. Give them an accent, a dialect, or a way of talking with the latest slang. Time can also be told by the slang. In the 1860's they did not use "Cool, man. I'll hang ten for ya."

Give the reader a feel for the environment as well. If you're in the dessert and it rains, show us. Maybe you're sunbathing in January (Southern Hemisphere), don't assume your reader will know this.

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