Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Back Story

All great literature has a back story. What's yours? Think of how your characters developed before they entered the story you're writing. We all have a history. Things happened to us as we grew up. We lost a parent at a young age as opposed to being an adult. Our reading would be different. It affected us in some way that changed the way we are today.

Same thing with your characters. They need a back story. A man who lost his wife is going to act differently with women more so than a man who was never married. A country girl taking orders at a coffee shop is going to be different if a city girl is serving the food. Why? Different backgrounds.

This affects how your characters speak, move, react, etc. When you know what your character is like you will write your character as such, when they're in your novel. You're giving the character a chance to show their true intentions, feelings, and motivation.

Your story, is the same thing. What happened before your first chapter? Something happened to make the story have a beginning point. Romeo and Juliet were two spoilt kids and their families hated each other. That's the background of their lives. They meet, fell in love, and die. That's the story.

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