Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Free Writing

There's a freedom when Free Writing. As easy as it sounds, it's not. Most of us think of what to write down. As if we are writing something important (which it is, if you think about it), or we have Writer's Block. We grew up thinking that everything has to be set in a certain way. What we do has to be done in a certain order. Sometimes it's just us who want things in order. That's why Free Writing is a liberating experience.

Do you a story in mind and you're not sure how to start it? Free Write
Do you have Writer's Block? Free Write
Are you're stuck on a the first line of a scene? Free Write

Do you see that pattern? Free Write

Don't think about order, or style, or grammar. Just Free Write. Start with the first letter of your name, follow it with the second letter of your first name, and so on. You have written your name. See its easy, right? Yes. Now keep writing with no restrictions. Liberate yourself from conventional thinking.

Andres will not have writer's block and the cat followed the mouse into the how maybe somehow the dog will come into the house and scare the cat away and give the mouse a piece a cheese

See, how easy it is. I admit I put a comma in there, only by habit.

Have fun.

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