Wednesday, February 3, 2016


What is the concept of your story?

In this chapter, we talk about your Genre, Subgenre, Point of View, Time Period, Setting/Location, Protagonist, Antagonist, Goal, Obstacle, and Resolution.

What is your Genre and Sub-Genre? Who are you writing for? What is your target audience? It helps if you actually know what you writing. If you're not sure, leave this blank and come to it later. Most of us don't know what the genre is until we completed the book.

POV - Are you writing in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd point of view. It's important to know when you're writing your novel. This way you stick with one point of view through the entire novel.

Time Period - When is it taking place? Are you set in the future where anything goes? Are you in a particular time in the past? If you're in the past be aware of the availability of things in that time period. You don't want to write the French Revolution and have a machine gun on the front lines, and a Stealth Bomber bombing the castle. Unless of course you're writing sci-fi with a romantic twist.

Setting/Location. Where are you? Again. Know your location. If you're writing about history you know that coffee was not invented until late 18th century and it only grows in the Equator. you don't want to write how the Germans have expanded fields of coffee beans.

Protagonist and Antagonist. - Don't forget who your characters are. Some of us have written a character in the wrong novel. It was quite funny.

Goal, Obstacle, and Resolution. - The arc of your story. The bare bones that you will eventually flesh in with your ideas.

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