Wednesday, March 2, 2016


The Plot, is like a letter. First, you know who you're going to send it to. That's easy enough, the title of the book. Alright, we're getting somewhere. We have to know to whom it's going, right?

What is the letter about? You to whom, but what do you want with the letter? What is you goal for writing the letter? It has to be important or otherwise you wouldn't be bothering.

You write the letter with all important components. Your goal, the conflicts, and the resolution. You're taking the reader into a journey that you have created.

You drop off the letter at the post office box. Hopefully, you wrote the address of where it's going. So you sit and wait for a response.

The Plot is no different. You have a goal, you tell us how we got there and you let the reader feel

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